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(18-05-2020, 10:48 PM)phillbush Wrote: Do some of you know a good resource where I can learn more about xft since there is no official manpage nor documentation?

There's a lot of good stuff in man 3 Xft describing all the methods.
I faced the same issue with fontconfig, it's not documented well, only the functions signature and the type they take. Take a look here for example. So what you end up doing is detective work, matching and testing different functions.

Take note that Xft, fontconfig, and a bunch of other libs where all written by the small cluster of persons, especially Keith Packard. That's why everyone uses the higher level libraries such as pango instead of relying on the lower level ones. Take a look at this.
Long time nixers
I've just noticed that xmenu got featured in a video by a famous Linuxer youtuber: here.

It was my first project and it is very nice to have it featured by a popular youtuber. But it's also scary since xmenu was such a small project and now there are a lot of people using it and wanting more from it.
And now that it is more popular, there are issues being reported and features being requested.
The most requested feature is to add support for fallback fonts (more than one font), but it is a pita to do with plain xft. I've just looked at the code of Suckless' dmenu and its function for drawing text with multiple fonts is gigantic.
I will probably rather use pango or move xmenu to xcb and use venam's fonts for xcb.

But overall I got very excited when they called me: "hey, have you watched the last DT's video about xmenu?".
I'm just sharing my euphoria in this post, hehe.
(14-05-2020, 06:45 PM)phillbush Wrote: It is a small utility that receives a menu specification in stdin, shows a menu where you can select one of the options, and outputs the option selected to stdout.

So it's basically dmenu but for the mouse? Seems very useful!