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So you just discovered the nixers community, maybe you are interested in participating, here are some FAQ and tips to get you started after signing up.

Why should I join/participate in the nixers community?
The nixers community is small, tight, but friendly, respectful, yearning for expertise, and that has a love regarding any topics surrounding Unix, Linux, BSD, and computers in general. Members of nixers are crafters and have a deep passion for what they do. I don't have to talk for others, you can make sure yourself by checking these and these.
Alright, I'm sold, how do I browse the content?
On the landing page you'll be presented with the list of forums, their descriptions, along with the last post made.
When a forum captures your interest, you can click it to browse it. Once in, you'll be presented at the top with the following header:
Quote:Start New Thread | Sort results by: Last Post [asc] / Thread / Author / Replies / Views
Anything after Sort results by: are sorting criteria that you can use to change the order in which the threads are displayed.

The popular posts of the day are found in the Active Threads link at the top. This is going to be the page you visit the most to see where the action is.

If you still cannot find what you are looking for, you can always hit the search button at the top.
How do I introduce myself to the nixers community?
Post an introductory thread in the Community & Forums Related Discussions section.
How do I create a thread?
To create a new thread, visit the forum where you want to post it and press on Start New Thread.
You'll be presented with fields to fill. The mandatory ones are the Thread Subject and the Your Message consisting of the thread content.
There's also the option to start a poll when creating a thread.
After ticking it, you have to go to the second page to add the poll options, after the post thread.

Before posting you can press Preview Post to make sure it looks good.

For syntax help, there's a link in the footer, going here, with additional syntax here
How do I reply to someone?
To reply to someone, visit their thread and find the reply box at the bottom.
It is accompanied with two buttons Post Reply and Syntax Help.

To quote someone, select the part of text you want to quote and press the Quote button under their post.
Where can I find the syntax used on nixers?
For syntax help, there's a link in the footer, going here, with additional syntax here
How do I chat with the members?
To chat with members, visit The Official Nixers IRC.
What other activities and services are there?
We are listing additional activities in a thread, that is often updated (and also linked at the top).

Do not hesitate to propose ideas and activities if you have any.
My eyes are burning, what should I do?
Do not fear! In the footer you can find a button named Night Mode which you can press to turn on dark mode.
How do I edit my user profile?
Visit your User CP (Control Panel), found at the top of the page, and go to the Edit Profile and Change Avatar sections. Which are the most apparent to other users.
What are those titles under the user avatars?
They are user categorization, an automatic promotion system to help others notice members who have been active for a longer period of time. If you have questions you can always ask another member.
Someone isn't nice, how do I report them?
Contact one of the ops on IRC, or me or any Grey Hair Nixers on the forums.
How do I report a bug or give a suggestion?
If you've found a bug or have a suggestion about the forums please share them in this thread or on IRC.
I have another question.
Ask us on IRC.

I hope you enjoy your stay in the nixers community!