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I want to migrate from Gentoo and thinking about my options. My main goal is to be portable, in a sense of my package manager, I want for "install x" to install x in any distribution/system I happen to find myself on. So it would mean a portable package manager. I don't really want to go all-in to BSD either, because I need lots of things from my system (nvidia drivers, virtualization, heavy browsing in chromium, occasional steam, openssl support etc.) I don't think that OpenBSD is suitable for heavy PC usage. So I'm thinking about this combo: T2 SDE+pkgsrc. What do you guys think? Did anyone had an experience with pkgsrc? Can it be used as the main package manager for heavy usage scenario (not only servers)?
Long time nixers
What’s wrong with Gentoo?
I'm using Void Linux because it's Arch Linux without systemd and with more stability.
(11-05-2021, 02:26 AM)jkl Wrote: What’s wrong with Gentoo?
Core devs behaving like a bunch of entitled dickheads, they are not even supporting their own shit properly anymore (openrc, elogind etc). They are slowly changing the core principles of the distribution (choice), without forking it. It feels like they want to make systemd the default, to ease the maintenance burden, but it goes against the community, and they also don't want to lose their power and community by forking Gentoo.

(11-05-2021, 06:22 AM)TheAnachron Wrote: I'm using Void Linux because it's Arch Linux without systemd and with more stability.
Do you use glibc version?
I heard the core dev is back, is this true?
Are you hanging out in their IRC? Is it more active now than used to be?
How fast is xbpc comparing to pacman?

I like Void in general, yet still, it is a particular distribution, let's say I won't like it in 3-5 years, and would want to migrate. I don't want to rewrite all my xbps-src ports like how I should now all my ebuilds.