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Long time nixers
At least Columbus UNIX - an internally used UNIX at Bell Labs - seems to have come with the allofc command which I could not find in any other system.

Quote:The allofc utility program was created to simplify the update/upgrade procedures. Allofc permits a sequence of UNIX commands to be performed in some or all office and type directories.

Arguably, its usage seems to be less intuitive than you'd think; still looks much less like a big pile of webshit poo than what "modern" "developers" call "DevOps".

The man page claims that allofc came as a part of (a version of) SCCS which makes sense, in a way. I wonder if it has spread into other Unices at some point in time.

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Underrated post.

I've been lurking all your posts and am impressed with the amount of obscure documentation you manage to dig up. Somehow SCCS is the oldest version control system, and yet all the standards are marked as DEVELOPMENT by posix(!?)

Looks like a git hook. And modern devops is just a glorified git hook.
Long time nixers
After all, obscure computer utilities are an interesting hobby. ;-)
Thank you.