I'm buying an Android for Xmas (4+ Icecream Sandwhich) - Android & Iphone

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This is weird coming from me, I usually ask my parents not to buy me anything but I am really fucking sick of this BlackBerry. I hate xmas, but this year I'm getting a free Android phone out of it. All I've got to do is fake a smile for a few hours infront of the family until I come across the phone probably later on. Then I'll be chuffed for real and i'll probably spend a few hours figuring shit out on it.

I've ordered some mint tea today on ebay for dirt cheap, It's supposed to help with relaxation of muscles. It helps you sleep, and it's used for pain relief and also relieves stress. The main reason i'm getting this is because of the de-stress, heartburn relief and ease of sleep. Thought I'd mention that because sterotypically most guys here stay up a lot and when they want to get to sleep.. they can't.