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A tiled environment is favored among programmers, because it allow's its users to see everything they are doing at a single glance.

And yet, in the age of ever popular websites, browsers still follow the "one view" technique to a tee. Only one page can be seen at a time, unless if you have another instance of the browser open. But having that other browser open would consume computer resources.

So why not, collectively ( nixers programmers and designers ) make a browser that tiles open web sites, and they then can be arranged horizontally, vertically or in a custom grid format, as found in out beloved TWM's? Upon importance they ( the web page ) could be resized easily and the user can still see all of his other web pages, with out having to go back to another tab.

And like with our custom layouts we love to alter, the browser could save the layouts and have a history of all layouts that were added to the browser.

The great Stan Lee once famously said, " With great power comes a great responsibility ". The power of the internet has consumed our lives, to the point that hackers are now taking over our phones to track our locations and activate parts of our phones through security holes in applications. All from over the internet, A place almost all of us call home.

While focusing on making a productive environment, we should also make security a top priority.

For example, by default there should be an ad blocker in place to block ads that potentially could inject code into our systems, and also upon termination of the browser all cookies and stored cache should be purged ( this helps to prevent people from forgetting to log out of online banking sites and online market places ).

Many users may want ads enabled or may want themselves to be logged into all sites or just certain sites. So like a pilot in an aircraft, everything should be able to be tweaked and have the ability to be turned off. Inside the settings page, users would be able to alter wich sites the ad blocker would work, which sites to keep them logged in and which cookies should be able to kept,

All settings having an on and off switch would make all users happier then just leaning towards one way or another.

If we were to import plugins from various web browsers, by default only plugins with a star ratting of 4 or above should be installed with a min. number of reviews being 12. ( Those parameters would be editable with in the master settings page of the browser ).

If any one else has any things they would like to have put into place for the project post them below.

An official name, nor design has come to mind yet. A vote would determine both the name and design of the browser. In the mean time, the code-name for this project will be "Bella Web", Italian for beautiful web.

Any one can contribute to the project.
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