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Long time nixers
Output of
tree -a -F -L 3
(the -F puts a / after directories to tell what is a directory and what is a regular file). I edited the output to put a ... where there are a lot of files and to remove some stuff.
├── .cache/
│   └── ...
├── .config/
│   └── ...
├── .data/
│   └── ...
├── .profile
├── .xprofile
├── files/
│   ├── doc/
│   ├── ego/
│   ├── lit/
│   ├── meme/
│   ├── mov/
│   ├── mus/
│   └── rpg/
├── gpg/
│   ├── gpg-agent.conf
│   ├── gpg.conf
│   ├── openpgp-revocs.d/
│   ├── passwd/
│   ├── pubring.kbx
│   └── trustdb.gpg
├── mail/
│   └── ...
├── proj/
│   ├── rice/
│   └── ...
├── tmp/
│   └── ...
└── usr/
    ├── X/
    │   ├── bin/
    │   ├── cursor/
    │   ├── fonts/
    │   ├── rc/
    │   └── rules/
    ├── bar/
    │   ├── bin/
    │   ├── man/
    │   └── src/
    ├── dmenu/
    │   ├── bin/
    │   ├── lib/
    │   ├── man/
    │   ├── rules/
    │   └── src/
    ├── i3/
    │   ├── bin/
    │   └── rules/
    ├── vim/
    │   ├── bin/
    │   ├── rc/
    │   └── rules/
    └── wmaker/
        ├── .AppInfo/
        ├── Defaults/
        ├── Library/
        ├── bin/
        ├── man/
        └── src/

Stuff currently on my home directory:
  • ~/.profile and ~/.xprofile are the only dotfiles in my home. They set my home.
  • ~/.config/, ~/.cache/, and ~/.data are the only dotdirectories in my home, they are for XDG compliant applications. I have set $XDG_CONFIG_HOME, $XDG_CACHE_HOME and $XDG_DATA_HOME to these directories.
  • ~/files/ is for media and other files.
    • ~/files/doc contains my non-fiction books
    • ~/files/mus contains my musics
    • ~/files/mov contains my movies
    • ~/files/lit contains my fiction books
    • ~/files/meme is my meme folder
    • ~/files/ego is where I put personal stuff like family photos and videos.
  • ~/gpg/ contains my gpg keyring and files with my passwords encrypted with my gpg key.
  • ~/mail/ is my mail directory.
  • ~/proj/ is the directory where I put whatever I am working on now. each project has a subdirectory on it. Most projects are college stuff and things I am learning or programming. There is a ~/proj/rice/ directory where I put ricing ideas and plans.
  • ~/tmp/ for downloaded files and where I dump stuff. I try to keep it clean, but most of the time it is a mess.
  • ~/usr/ is where I put configuration, binaries and other files of applications. Each subdirectory is for a different application.
    • ~/usr/X/bin have some scripts for X, like samedir, that opens a terminal in the directory of the current window; drawterm, that I have stolen from z3bra, etc. ~/usr/X/cursor have my cursor, ~/usr/X/fonts/ for my fonts. ~/usr/X/rules/ have configuration files for X, like xresources, xcompose, etc.
    • ~/usr/dmenu/bin/ for dmenu binary and some dmenu wrapper scripts. ~/usr/dmenu/man contains dmenu's manpage. ~/usr/dmenu/src/ contains dmenu's source file.
    • ~/usr/i3/bin have i3 scripts and ~/usr/i3/rules have i3 configurations
    • ~/usr/bar/* contains stuff for lemonbar
    • ~/usr/wmaker/* have wmaker stuff, I use both i3 and window maker.

There are some directories I want to implement in the future:
  • ~/skel/: have templates and skeleton for other directories, for example, ~/skel/c/ will have the skeleton of a C program I write, etc.
  • ~/trash/: I want to write a script that send stuff to ~/trash/ and keep track whence it came from.
  • ~/app/ for desktop files. I want to create a dmenu script that spawns desktop applications, and I will keep each application in a directory at ~/app/
  • ~/fav/ for bookmarks: symlinks to commonly used files.
  • ~/rec/ for recently used files. I want to edit my open script (a script that opens whatever I give as argument with a proper application) so that it creates a symlink to whatever I open at ~/rec/ so it contains my recently opened files.
  • ~/mnt/ where I mount my usb devices. I want to configure automounting or write a dmenu device mounter that mount stuff on ~/mnt
  • ~/tmp/ram: a tmpfs.

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