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Long time nixers
I changed my $HOME a little bit since my last post in this thread:

|-- .cache/
|-- .config/
|-- .data/
|-- .profile*
|-- .session*
|-- .xprofile*
|-- .xsession*
|-- apps/
|-- files/
|-- mnt/
|-- proj/
|-- rules/
|-- skel/
|-- theme/
|-- tmp/
|-- trash/
|-- usr/
`-- var/

Stuff that changed:
  • ~/.profile and ~/.xprofile are where I set environment variables. ~/.session and ~/.xsession set my terminal and X session, respectively.
  • ~/gpg/ is no more. I don't use gpg to save my passwords anymore, I use openssl now.
  • ~/mail/ moved to ~/var/mail/
  • ~/proj/, ~/files/ and ~/tmp have the same function they had.
  • ~/usr/ is where I put binaries and other files of applications. Each subdirectory is for a different application. I use environment variables to set $PATH and $MANPATH to the corresponding directories in each ~/usr/*/.
  • ~/skel/: Where I keep templates and skeleton, for example, ~/skel/c/ has the skeleton of C programs I write, etc.
  • ~/trash/: Where I send my trash to, see fmutils for the scripts that manages the trash.
  • ~/apps/: Where I keep .desktop entries for each application that has an entry in pmenu.
  • ~/mnt/: Where I mount devices.
  • ~/rules/: Where I keep configuration files (or rules files, as I call them) and databases for applications. For example, ~/rules/vimrc is my vimrc, ~/rules/rss contains the list of RSS I'm subscribed to, ~/rules/mime contains the mimetype-application associations that I use with my file-opener script xopen.
  • ~/themes/: Where I put fonts, cursor themes, icon themes, Xresources, etc.
  • ~/var/: Where I keep variable stuff. It is a new directory I added recently. It contains stuff like cache, browsing history, shell history, mail. I may move ~/trash/ there.

I'm working on ~/fav/ to keep bookmarks and on a script that symlinks entries on this directory to commonly used files.

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