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This thread is to present some ideas I have about the forums.


Hello fellows nixers,
I had some nice ideas that I'll explain in this thread. Please take in
consideration that those are completely subjective speculations and that I'm open
for discussion. Those ideas might never be implemented and I don't have any
agreement with the admins about them. It's just a presentation of what I
have in mind. I'm just looking for a debate.

  • Threads about daily reviews of casual activities explained in an understandable way(diaries)
  • Crossposting interesting threads from forums to other social-networks, forums,or boards

Having people post about their daily life on unix-y systems is a very interesting
concept. The general view I have of it is that when someone solves a problem in
their daily routine they can then report online how it been done.
It's also interesting in a way touches our curious side, we are always wondering about what other people
do in their daily life on their machines.

The Good Sides:
  • Helping others
  • Making the forums more interactive
  • Satisfying our curiosity and interests
The Down Sides:
  • Hard to filter what posts are appropriate
  • Hard to incite people to post about things they might not consider interesting but in fact are
  • Might become boring

I won't dig too deep on that concept because most of us know what x-posting is.
My view of it is that by sharing interesting posts from the to other
forums we might get more reviews, popularity, and discussions.

The Good Sides:
  • Helping the Forums grow
  • Getting more discussions and opinions
  • Reviving old threads that could have grown
The Down Sides:
  • Most of the discussions might happen outside the forums
  • The threads might easily go offtopic
  • the quality of the posts might drop
So what do you think of those, let's get the debate started?

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