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A few months ago, before I had any idea how busy I was going to be during Tech Training, I purchased the domain name "hashtagroot.net" with the intent of blogging about *nix-related topics. I wanted to make it something like the "Dear Diary" feature we've started on the forums, only in blog form, and with other things occasionally mixed in. The thing is, in the past few months since starting it, I've only really posted once, and I never really settled on a blog engine I liked, not to mention that I completely forgot about the purchase and didn't even think about it for the past few months. So now I'm pretty undecided on what to do with the site and I'm all ears for ideas. Some notes:

1. I would like to make the site profitable, but at the very least, self-sufficient. If I start paying for hosting, I want the site to pay for itself.
2. I wouldn't mind making part of the site interactive and/or social, where other people could contribute their own content and such.
3. I definitely wouldn't mind inviting other people to write for the blog, if I decide to keep it as a blog. There are a lot of people who know a ton more about Unix than I do, and their posts would likely turn the site from mediocre to amazing.

Any ideas for things to do with this domain name?

Edit: I also remember my original brainstorm for promoting the site: I was going to announce new blog posts on twitter with the hashtag "#root" and try to dominate that particular tag.

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