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Long time nixers
Quote:What attracted you to
Originally, I joined, and that was due to the links in the sidebar of /r/unixporn on Reddit. Now, I rarely go to /r/unixporn, Nixers (and UnixHub before it) were much nicer and more interesting places to go.

Quote:What kept you coming to
The IRC is a nice place to hang out, and there are some very interesting discussions on the forums sometimes. Mostly, it's just nice to discuss these sorts of things because I rarely get a chance to in real life.

Quote:If there was two things that you would keep from what would they be?
Uhm, is this question supposed to mean "things I'd like to keep away from Nixers because they're bad" or "things I would like to take from Nixers because they're good"? Either this question is ambiguous, or I didn't get enough sleep (or both).

Quote:How do you think we differ from other communities?
There are other similar communities like (maybe) /r/linux and (possibly) /g/, but they're all massive behemoths with thousands of contributors. Also, 4chan is, of course, anonymous, preventing a real community from forming. I'd say Nixers is more of a tightly knit community. There are other communities of a similar size where you get to know who's who (a few mailing lists I subscribe to that fit this bill: {misc,ports,tech}, various Haskell mailing lists from around the internet), but they're all mostly single-topic (or only a small range of topics) communities.

Quote:In a simple sentence define our community.
Elitist about Unix, but in a friendly, accessible yet extremely autistic way.
my website:

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