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I suck at introductions. I will bore you because I bore myself. I have a way with non sequitur and run on sentences, as you will soon find out.

My Name is Ryan, I am 29 and live in Arizona (which is in the States for all you non-American commies). I have a laptop running Crunchbang, another laptop with both Windows 7 and Dragonfly BSD on it and a Windows 8 desktop at home. I work for a wafer reclamation company as a sysadmin but the company "hobby", for lack of a better term, is hardware reversing as you can imagine we get plenty of practice. I too love reverse engineering but I prefer the softer(ware) side of it, specifically malware analysis. I also enjoy some binary auditing, vulnerability assessment/bug hunting/fuzzing. I am currently in my 2nd year at the University of Advancing Technology in Phoenix AZ, and I am probably the oldest guy there which I assume could be kind of creepy. I have a few (read pathetic) Certs: Security+. SSCP and MCP.

I've been using *nix variants since around age 13-14. My cousin introduced me to it and gave me my very first personal computer, which was one of his own PC's he retired. It had Mandrake installed on it. I was so pissed. All my buddies had Windows '98 and could just plug in there printers and print out hot chicks and punk rock fliers to post on their walls or tape to their trapper keepers/binders, they had video games, MS Paint to draw boobies, etc. And my machine was used basically as a CD player with a screen. But I learned from my cousin, who showed me all the basic stuff and I am now grateful of that OS. Though, I must admit that I probably use Windows more these days as that is what my work runs and that is what most malware is written for.

Some other interests of mine outside of reverse engineering, malware analysis and Linux:
- Sports: Baseball which I played for my entire childhood and played 2 years in College before I got an injury to my pitching arm, American Football, motorsports (Formula 1, Indy, etc).
- "Transgressive" and odd literature (Peter Sotos, Crowley, etc).
- Music: Noise/PE (I run a Noise/PE/Industrial forum at ), Metal (namely older Thrash Metal and Death Metal like early Sodom, Bathory, Bolt Thrower, Pestilence, etc).

How did you make it down this far? I'm actually surprised and feel like you should win something.

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