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(30-11-2014, 10:15 AM)rwzy Wrote: On a somewhat unrelated note, I'm interested to know if anyone here as much experience with Haskell? I did notice the python/perl/ruby section also surprisingly has haskell in it, but after a quick peek through I see that most topics are on python.

I'm certainly not familiar with it though and haven't written anything in it either, but I just started learning it (like beginner level) and I'm really liking it. And I think it has to do with what xero said sort of. Like because it's (100%?) pure in a fp sense, it's almost as if you layout the rules and the program figures out the rest as opposed to directly telling the program what to do like in imperative languages. But you have to be good with currying and the pure fp style and all that... which is probably why math-people like it? (I guess you can tell I'm not a programmer if that made no sense.)

I might also just be liking it because, as opposed to goPhir, math was my favourite subject in highschool, although that's the highest level at which I have pursued the discipline.
I like Haskell and functional programming but there isn't that big of a niche to start a section here.

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