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Long time nixers
I know windows 10 might be something of old news to you, and you may question why I am making a post about windows on a nix fourm.

I think it might be worth talking about because it raises a couple other possibly deeper questions about the direction of tech.

First of all, most people are still using older windows models (xp or 7) and windows vista/8/8.1 have failed to get a foothold.
Its clear to see that this puts a strain on microsoft, trying to provide support for releases it would rather leave in the past. Do you think that the struggles microsoft is having with its monsterous user base is going to help the adoption of unix/linux/other systems?
Also what is it about users that they will remain on older operating systems and not adopt newer models?

Also taking a step back from windows for a second I was reading how worldwide sales of home computers are dropping. Are we moving away from home desktop computers to mobile devices? Everyone seems to be optomising for the tablet these days is that really the direction that tech will take?

Those are just some things you can think about. Feel free to add in your personal thoughts on windows 10 or the future of PC's and technology. I am looking forward to your responses.

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