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(24-02-2019, 08:51 AM)venam Wrote: This is a tricky as it implies we should know what is not known to most users and what makes an owner "useless". I'll take my shot anyway to get this started:

Let's say
or the shell
or /etc/shadow
or the home directory of a user
or the default value or /etc/skel (skeleton)

but in all those cases those can be changed later on after the creation of the "owner" and those aren't really "owners" either.

Those are probably wrong answers than. I'm at lost but at least the quest has started.

I guess I'm assuming what most users know about their system, which isn't a very concrete clue. My assumption is that generally the "owner" just works for most users and typically doesn't require any user intervention. The only time the user may learn about "it" is when the "owner" is behaving strangely.

For the second clue there are 3 important hints, the first being "in most cases", which means there are some "owners" that create and set "it" dynamically. The next is that there's more than one variation of an "owner". I guess this question requires you to figure out what is ment by "owner" first before you can solve it. Owner might not be the best choice of word but any other word would give it away.

I'm going to edit the post and add another hint as a spoiler in case you're really stuck.

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