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I need a new forum albeit this isn't a new forum for me, I'd just like to introduce me. Some of you guys might know me already from the IRC chat as I pop in there once a month to talk for few seconds and am idle the rest of the time.

I've been playing around with *nix based systems for a decade now, lucky me to have a cool dad that installed OpenSuSE on my first computer and haven't been able to get out of these kind of system. I think that was OpenSuSE 10.1 or some of the 10.X versions, I left OpenSuSE at the time they implemented a new KDE version which never felt right with me.. I don't remember where I went off to but that time I started distro-hopping so to say. Over the next years I decided to try various distributions such as Gentoo, Slackware, LFS, PC-BSD, Arch among others.. It seemed like there was always one or two things bugging me about these distributions, either it was the package manager (Fuck emerge) or my misunderstanding of the system itself. (PC-BSD)

Then two years ago, I met FreeBSD, after having it up and perfectly stable for 100 days on my desktop machine it crashed for some reason, that was the point I realized FreeBSD was what I wanted. So I haven't done or tried any new distribution since then. It just was suited perfectly for me and I for it. Currently on FreeBSD 10,2 and so far so good.

The last forum I was on was something called where I was permanently banned from and so I require a new forum to be active on.


You need to fix the youtube tag inside class_parser.php, MyBB insists on using HTTP for youtube videos while youtube can perfectly use SSL with their videos. Mixed content issues.

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