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That really depends on what kind of work it is. :-)

At home, when I'm "working" on my private projects -- and I think this is what you mean --, it certainly is Drum and Bass in its various variations. "Reggae DnB" is my favorite, "Female Vocal DnB" is a little more relaxing. I don't know if these are actual genres, but you can find a lot of it on YouTube. The amen break burns into your soul and keeps you going. Sort of.

At work, in the office, this kind of music has way too much energy. I usually listen to loungeradio.com or dub techno streams. That, too, helps me to stay focused and to get things done, but in a very different way.

The most important thing about "working music" is that it must have a "steady flow". I don't like big changes in volume or tempo when working. It should be rather fast. It also shouldn't be "too interesting", so I don't get distracted. :-)

(I don't like the word "work" because it can have many different meanings. It's a complicated topic here in germany ...)

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