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Grey Hair Nixers
(12-08-2016, 05:58 AM)venam Wrote: How does the bus work? It seems to me from the explanation that it's using a hub: any node in the hub can be separated without affecting the others.
However, isn't that the same as a "flat" star topology, everyone is connected to one node.

No, as everyone is connected to more than one node. if your ping one machine on the network, your request will go directly to this machine, without going through a "main node". This is what would happen in a star topology. As everyone is connected to a single node, all the traffic MUST pass by this node before reaching other nodes.

The physical wiring of a bus could go like this:

bus topology

                  [pc1]        [pc3]
                    |            |

Thus, all computers can ping themselves without ever going through the server.

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