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(14-09-2016, 07:24 AM)jkl Wrote: BSD was "open source" from the beginning. Unix was not. (That's why the early 90s were seeing the first "free BSD": The non-free code parts by AT&T had to be rewritten first.)
Actually, that's not totally accurate.
Most softwares of the time were distributed with their source code as a license, Unix is no different.
It was shipped as a big package of self contained environment for programming, documentation, source code, etc..

It's when the proprietary train started that what you mention happened.

Again, the idea was to have an open environment for development, research, and education, that is easy to grasp and cheap.

The commercial certified Unix of today don't achieve this.
They certainly have the title of Unix but not the philosophy and spirit of the communal operating system people get around to hack with.

Now the definition itself depends on your view of the matter.

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