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I think VYM have changed a lot in the meantime.

Quote:vym has a complex but straightforward UI.

I do not know the definition of complex, so I'm not sure this is true. VYM do offers bunch of toolbars, yes, but you can just hide them and rely on menus. Or on keyboard, which is what I mostly do, except when I move nodes around.


The one that thing got on my nerves while using it was that my mind maps were
not necessarily in a tree based structure. Things that come out of your mind
might not follow the parent children relationship that a tree has it may have
inner cycles in it - And that's what I was looking for.

It is possible to have multiple root nodes, and it is possible to detach and reattach nodes or branches. There is also the possibility of using XLinks to add "ropes between the tree branches":

[Image: VKc.png]
And for when the link will be dead, the text export:
map 1

1. child A

2. child B

map 2

1. child 1

2. child 2

Interestingly, it seems the export does not have the XLinks, but this still shows the multi-root.

Quote:Another thing that is to note is that the styling, while being better
than labyrinth is still blunt.

Have to say I have not played much with this, as I usually don't tweak that kind of stuff anyway, but to me it seems to be rather standard for a graphical application, not sure if this have changed much since your own test, though.

Quote:vym is good for organizing tasks, that's what I would recommend it for.

I have yet to use this feature.
For now, I only used it to describe the big points of projects, like, what it should have, what it shuold not have, what would be nice, categorize those quickly, "refactoring the ideas", etc.

I have not played much with the XLink feature, though.

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