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Long time nixers

I've been here since 2013, and it just occured to me that I don't think I ever introduced myself. On the heels of a username change, it only seems natural that I should.

I'm Haden. I'm a member of my state's Air National Guard, with the rank of SrA. I've been a full-time employee of the Guard for just about two years now, with the job title of "IT Plans and Resources". My job is mostly paperwork, emails, phone calls, and beauracracy. The most hands-on and immediately rewarding role of the job is IT Asset Management - managing the IT inventory. I jump at any chance to get out of my office and inventory or issue hardware.

Before joining the Guard, I earned my associate's degree in Information Systems Technology - a degree earned by spending far too much time in Visual Studios, Adobe Dreamweaver, and working with - but there was a whole two semester's worth of rewarding classes with an instructor who preached linux. This instructor died my senior year, but he shaped the way I learn even now. He deserves a thread of his own, really.

Next month, I will begin on my Bachelor's Degree in Software Development. My short-term goals include finishing it and commisioning as an officer in the Air National Guard.

In my free time, I like to:

spin rifles (I was on this team in Tech School, although I can't find a video of the July 2014 competition I was in:

code (About to start back on Project Euler challenges)

Play around with *nixes

Drink with friends and play card games

Drink Craft Beer


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