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Disclaimer; I found this somewhere quite awhile ago, so I don't know who to credit, but I sure can't claim glory here.

* Un-rooted Android device with Orbot properly installed and configured.
* Opera Mobile properly installed to default configuration.
* A few spare minutes.

Tor on an unrooted Android sucks when you're stuck using "Orweb" as the only Tor compatible browser in conjunction with Orbot.
No copy/paste; no multi tabbed browsing; no bookmarks, etc.

Orbot is an Android Tor+Privoxy setup wizard which establishes the necessary encrypted circuits within the Tor network to facilitate an attempt at anonymous communications over the "clear" internet.

Basically any browser that allows proxy configuration can be used with Orbot.

Here's one way to do it with Opera Mobile and Orbot running in the background:
* Open up "Opera Mobile" and type "about:config" in the address bar, then hit "Go"

* Scroll down until you see the "Proxy" section, select it.

* Under "HTTP server" and "HTTPS server" enter
"" [without quotes]

* This is the default port and address for a Tor localhost proxy.

* Click the checkboxes next to "Use HTTP" and "Use HTTPS" to enable proxy usage for the respective protocols within Opera Mobile,

* Click "Save" and restart Opera Mobile.

* It's recommended to disable Javascript within Opera Mobile to avoid potential address leaks.

* Once you have Orbot fired up and you see the green onion, load up Opera Mobile and visit the following page to check if your setup is OK:


If all went well the site will say so.

Click the buttons labeled "Default" to restore non Tor proxied browsing.

Happy obfuscated mobile computing!
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