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Hello everybody,

I just wanted to introduce myself, since I'm lurking around in this forum for a while and finding a lot of interesting threads and ideas.

My name is r4ndom, I'm 24 years old, and I got into *nixes in 2012. Before that I was to deep into gaming to notice that windows and macos suck hard and should be by anyone who is interested in computers. So 2012 started my journey by installing ubuntu, first on my macbook, afterwards on my new thinkpad, which i'm using ever since. Until last year I where a stock user. I touched the terminal to do basic stuff (vim, git, etc) but wasn't into configuring anything. Then came archlinux, which changed everything. Most of my activities are now console oriented. If there is a way to avoid guis without many drawbacks I do it. My desktop is currently running bspwm and I pretty proud of my overall riced setup. I'm looking forward to transition to wmutils in the future.

Besides my unix experience I'm currently a cs student currently crawling through the moduls to my ' degree in it security'. I am interested in privacy enhancing technologies.

Recently discovered ctf's which I'm trying to attend, but currently I'm to noobish in this field to accomplish anything :( I try to get more intel by reading writeups and watching talks but I'm very limited in time, due to exams and (currently the most important thing in my life) my little daughter. But maybe someone here can help me a little bit with my lack of knowledge in this field.

So thats it from my side I guess.


What a random Github page

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