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fre d die
Hello, i found this forum recently from some comments in /r/unixporn, and found it to be a very nice place after lurking around a bit. I am very new to the ricing scene (installed arch anout a month ago) and have only really been running any linux/*nix OS since a few months back when i installed lubuntu, so far the experience has been great, helping me progress a lot with my computing knowledge.

I really like the unix philosphy and feel that it is very important in many more things than just computing (makeing something with the goal of having it do one thing and doing it well)
currently i am in my final year of high school (england) and hoping to continue studieng computer science into college (i think they will make me code in VB there...). Currently i feel i am proficeint in python and basic JS, trying to improve my python using things like

My hobbies outside of my computer include Skateboarding and climbing which i find really fun

i'm happy to talk if anyone wants to :)

edit: forgot to mention i also paint paintings

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