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(This is part of the June 2017 events)

Art Week & Ricing (From June 17-23) (color #32B2BC)

Third week is customization/ricing and art week so let's get creative.
  • Retro rice
    Submit your setup, as simple as that.
  • ascii/ansi 4-bit color script
    Make a nice script or ascii or ansi art that shows off your 4 dominant colors.
    Push your script here and bump this thread.
    Submit your colorscheme on the above repo ( don't forget to add a scrot ! )
  • nixers workflow webcast
    Post your vid on the thread.
  • URNN
    If you've participated in one of the last challenges then this one will be easy, Simply submit more datasets. Basically, rice your desktop with a nice color scheme and make a pull request with the scrot and the relevant color scheme.
    Push your rice to the repo.

Remember to post back in this thread when you participate in any of the event.

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