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Long time nixers

Yesterday I had received an order off ebay, it consisted of: 1x MCK-101 FT 1x KB-5181 and 1x Unknown Packard Bell(Unfortunately later I found it to be rubber dome :S). When I had ordered these I didn't actually know what type of switches they had, I just crossed my fingers and hoped as they were in an estate sale and it seemed pretty obvious whoever let these go was collecting them. The ebay lister had multiple others listed and I snagged all 3 of these for $40 including shipping ~(0.0)~

These were the pictures I had received(Minus the Packard bell, I won't be covering that further):


[Image: cvvuKEz.jpg]

[Image: 6s8i1Tx.jpg]

MCK-101 FT

[Image: kp5DRvl.jpg]

[Image: jD6WvhG.jpg]

So a little after I had won the bid I did a little research, I found that both these boards could have various different switches so I didn't bother with it much further. I wouldn't know until I opened them up. So I waited. I was pretty happy with what I found, in the KB-5181 I found Monterey Blues and In the MCK-101 Green Alps. I was pretty stoked. So after looking things over I decided to restore the KB-5181 and put the MCK-101 on the backburner until I find more caps for it. I'll be using a combination of caps from the MCK-101, an AEKII I had previously, and the KB-5181 to make the set. I'm super excited and am currently in the process of retr0brighting the case and washing all the keys. Throughout the time I'll upload more progress on the board but for now I'll post a little picture dump of what I've accomplished so far

KB-5181 first look(Filthy):
[Image: JcWbLy9.jpg]

[Image: ywxoiU9.jpg]

MK-101 first look(these things feel smoooooth and was MUCH cleaner):

[Image: 9VPVcS5.jpg]
[Image: N3KgGT5.jpg]

I started cleaning the KB-5181:

[Image: CcZvTdf.jpg]

[Image: VYz3rGF.jpg]

[Image: CHwdey1.jpg]

[Image: rR6dWt6.jpg]

[Image: x1cg4pH.jpg]

[Image: pqTZ7HJ.jpg]

Did the case too/retr0bright(Don't have the best before pic, forgot to take one after I got it outside):


[Image: 1aAjS5T.jpg]

After(I'll need to take better pictures at some point, I guess the brightness outside + the brightness of the board made everything all glowy.):

[Image: fTPR11f.jpg]
[Image: e3c1gGK.jpg]

[Image: D4wyg9D.jpg]

[Image: Ccvdo1K.jpg]

[Image: U0C8BlX.jpg]

The Keycaps:

[Image: 91qEnex.jpg]

[Image: 2rGLODT.jpg]

And some Bonus because why not:
[Image: ltC0V6W.jpg]

[Image: XRsiRzo.jpg]

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