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My main monitor is an Qnix QX2710 imported from Korea. It has a nice 1440p resolution and size, but did not come with decent EDID. As such, it only has a single RandR mode out of the box. It was only by pure luck I stumbled upon a mode line that over clocked the screen to 96Hz.

The problem this causes is that if I want to play a game in full screen, I have to run it in a 2560x1440 resolution. This isn't a problem in most cases, but I don't have the most powerful GPU. So if I want to play in a lower resolution, I have to play in windowed mode — or have the game in the upper left of the screen with black borders on the right and bottom. Similarly, some games cannot be played in something larger than an arbitrary resolution (often 1080p).

(I'm actually guessing a bit here. I only ever used just window managers, so I don't know if this issue can be fixed in some DE.)

So: is there some X11 utility that can scale a window up to a greater resolution, and thus remove the pesky black bars?

As a hacky workaround, I could probably use xrandr(1)'s --scale option, but the less I have to mess with my monitors' alignments, the better.
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