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I'm using dwm and was experimenting with a proportional font (EB Garamond*) in the status bar to go with a renaissance painting (Rembrandt) as wallpaper.

I use a modified dwmstatus.c which I pulled from the suckless wiki (can't find it there anymore though) which call XStoreName to set the window name.

The problem is that though whatever is displayed looks ok, X seems to wrongly calculate the screen space needed and the string is only partially displayed. With monospace fonts this does not happen. Is there a way to get this to work nicely?

*EB Garamond is nice but for a bar with changing numbers (clock etc) proportional numbers are awful. If someone knows of a nice humanist font with monospace numbers (column numbers or whatever) I'd like to know before I start hacking my own in fontforge.

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Using a proportional font in dwm status bar - by Dworin - 21-11-2017, 12:35 AM