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Hey, everyone! I'm Lynn (they/them pronouns, please).

Like everyone else, it seems (:P), I found out about this forum from /r/unixporn but my love of UNIX can be traced back waaaay further than to when I first discovered unixporn. Way back in, gosh, I think 5th or 6th grade (I'm a freshman in college now), I asked my step-grandpa about the Linux books he had on his bookshelf. He didn't know too much about Linux himself, so we both started to see what we could learn about it. I deleted the Windows partition on my cruddy old laptop in 6th or 7th grade and I haven't looked back since. Since highschool, I've been trapped in the wonderful prison that is distrohopping. From Ubuntu to Fedora, from Fedora to Arch, from Arch to Gentoo, and from Gentoo to Void (I also had a brief OpenBSD phase but I had to drop it due to compatibility issues). Now I'm starting to plan out an LFS build with musl and suckless userland. Or maybe FreeBSD (love the BSD philosophy and FreeBSD has better software and hardware compatibility, as I understand). Idk. It probably doesn't need to be said because of those last few sentences, but I'm a real sucker for minimalism, in both visual and software design.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm now in college. However, unlike most UNIX nerds, I'm not actually a CS major, I'm a math and physics double major. However, I think my obsession with elegance bridges the gap between my interests in UNIX and math and physics. (I also still like to program, it's just that the commercial side of programming does not appeal to me at all).

Anyway, I really look forward to chatting with y'all on here and on the IRC. :) This looks like a pretty cool community and it seems like I share the same visual and software design philosophy as almost everyone on here. See ya around!

(Also, sidenote, how do you set your signature on here? I can't for the life of me seem to find it in the User CP.)

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