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(18-04-2018, 12:05 AM)venam Wrote: Can't really judge if you never tried. Maybe you're seeing it as a bystander that way.
That's a good point. My interests have pushed me in the direction of academia, however. Although it's not uncommon, from what I understand, for math and physics majors to get scientific software engineering jobs so maybe I'll get to see how I like the industry that way? :)

(18-04-2018, 08:04 AM)jkl Wrote: Why do you use Linux instead of UNIX? Given that you consider yourself to be a "UNIX lover", I am confused.
But I like your choice of Linux distributions.
I mostly use Linux because the BSD I've tried, OpenBSD, has some compatibility issues with the software I use (Steam, notmuch, real-time music software, etc.). However, I think I'm going to try FreeBSD and see if it has sufficient compatibility for me. I really like the BSD code style, documentation, and better apparent adherence to the UNIX philosophy so I hope FreeBSD works out for me. :)

(18-04-2018, 10:39 AM)pyratebeard Wrote: How did your step-grandpa get on learning Linux? Should we expect to see him on the forums as well... or is he already here..?
He uses Linux on his old laptop but he still uses Windows on his main machine. Also, he doesn't really use the internet much so probably not but you never know. :)

Thanks for the welcome, everyone :)

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