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Hello nixers,
"The State of The Web" is a topic I've been circling around for the past year but that we've never had a discussion about on the forums. I'm curious to know what are your opinions on this.

To sum it up bluntly I'm referring to the whole media talk about advertisement, PR, public manipulation, privacy, anonymity, taking responsibility for the effect of web technology, gdpr, digital identity, and everything related.

For reference I'll post here everything that was already in the newsletter:

I thought I wouldn't post about this anymore

Yes, another "state of the web, state of the mind" piece, a good summary. Tools are made to be used; when a knife is used to kill someone, or let's say it better "when someone uses a knife to kill someone", is it the knife that's at fault or the person? Should we have regulations that made knives harmless because of that? Can you enter anywhere with a knife on you? Wouldn't you be looked at funny if you were walking around with hundreds of knives in your pocket selling them to anyone passing by? What about building extremely dangerous knives with advertisements on how lethal they can be? This is an analogy, a bad one but a relatable one. "When you invent the ship, you also invent the shipwreck.." Have fun remembering the awkward and uninformed questioning of Zuckerberg, the over-used-by-career-politician-to-gain-votes "What about the CHILDREN" arguments, and the unexpected surprise by the general audience over their unawareness over the choice of their digital tools usage "because they're free". Let's quote from the article "These are the broad outlines of the tech backlash. But against what, exactly, is the backlash? Is it against the ascendency of technology as the driving principle of modern society?"

Spirit of the law

Remember the whois thing in "State of the web..." of issue 75, well now it's bringing that stuff back at pgp servers. gpg --search-keys 'nothisrealaddress@someoneelses_emailaddress.notreal'

State of the web...

Some thoughts about web technology, new laws affecting it (less than one week left for GDPR to take effect), the ad-revenue business model, and web content.

..State of the mind

Related to issue 72 "Ludites or not" and maybe even "Pedantic and semantic" in 66. I'll step aside and leave you to judge.

Adblock & the web

I'm not a fan of adblockers, not because I like ads but because of the whole drama and politics that happens behind them. I'd rather use a full only allow whitelisted cross requests addons.

State of the web (continue)...

One last article for the ride.

State of the web (continue...)

I think I've shared so much related to this topic this year that I don't need to put a summary. I'm glad those conversations are taking place, this is a historical moment, I hope 2018 will be remember as a year that reflected this. The four articles stand in pair, the second ones in the pair are reply to the first. While the first pair is more or less technical, the second one is pungent with technology and social network mysticism. I'm inserting those links here but if you want relief check the series "The WWW is awesome" and "Beauty is found in details" I've started in the Random section. The last link doesn't seem directly encroached with the others but it is, a beautiful peace.

Futurist state of the internet

Can we predict the future, probably not but it's fun to go back in time and check what people were looking for.

Web literacy and more

A Mozilla initiative related to literacy and contribution in the ever-changing world of technology we live in. This is related to "Digital and technological literacy" in issue 65.

Digital and technological literacy

We had quite the discussion about this rant thread during the week so I thought of sharing it so that you can have the same discussion (once more) with your peers.

All the clickbaity articles that have been spammed in the media the past few days

I don't think I have to say anything other then point you back to other issues in order, have fun going back in the archive: "SSI" 13 , "Social Networks" 20 , "It's leaking from everywhere" 26 , "Digital Identity" 27 , "More on digital identity" 36 , "In need of a website to understand a process that should be simple" 39 , "Well researched and timely articles" and "Differential privacy" 47 , "A continuation of last week "Random"" 48 , "Wear some colorful tight pants and continue on this crazy train with Ozzy!" 50 , "Propaganda" and "A timely article" 52 , "Are you tired of the articles of two weeks ago because there's more" 53 , "Create a category and people will get attached to it" 55 , "Will Geocities websites make a comeback?" 56 , "Compartmentalization" 62 , "A story on privacy" 65

A story on privacy

A continuation on issue 63 "Privacy, confidentiality, and anonymity". This article emphasize how the perception of privacy evolved through time.

Privacy, confidentiality, and anonymity

For the average person those terms might not look like they have a different meaning but they do and this is quite important to put forward what exactly we're talking about. Related to issue 47 "Differential privacy" and all the digital identity related ones.

Will Geocities websites make a comeback?

State of the internet, again, nostalgia is growing. The cringiness aside I like this article.

Are you tired of the articles of two weeks ago because there's more

Yes, I'm talking about the "state of the internet" type of articles. Tighten your belt because we've actually advanced in the discussion. We've now reached the Messiah stage where if someone has "insights" on the matter or "disconnects" they get a surge of visions of the world and are now entitled to extract facts from subjectivity. Kind of admirable how the interviewers and spectators are captivated by the paranoia and conspirational theories, I guess that's one deep dark perverse pleasure we have. Well done guys! (Please tell me if I'm stretching those too far...)

A timely article

Maybe if every online arguments went that way.


"We've been influenced", "We're not in control of our minds". Blame the media all you want...

Wear some colorful tight pants and continue on this crazy train with Ozzy!

Yet again on this railroad of "the state of the internet" articles. Like it or not it seems like a trend and it's fun to watch everyone going through the "Oh I just woke up to what the internet is about". You can't blame the trend, once you learn something you start to see it everywhere and want to shout your lungs out. Digital literacy is going up, non-technical persons are starting to be interested in the details. For us it's old news. It's also interesting how internet services are regarded as God-like entities that influences us and that we have to please, in the end the writers of those articles have to realize they can't anthropomorphize them, they can't consider them as carrier of the holy good will for the masses. Post hoc ergo propter hoc. This is not the internet this is their new religion; blaming it for the good days and bad days. But can we critic this behavior in a world that is frightening, slowly turning nihilistic, a world where its people are looking for a Leviathan to bring back the order.

A continuation of last week "Random"

I wasn't sure last week if I should put the web rants in the Unix section or not. I think they fit somehow. Those two articles related to the "state and birth of the internet" + nostalgia kind of blog posts that are popular these days. Don't get me wrong, I love this kind of discussions, apart from the rosy retrospection there's some truth in them especially the kind of discoveries you make. The first link has a lot of politics and marketing topics, if you don't like that then skip it.

Privacy, confidentiality, and anonymity

For the average person those terms might not look like they have a different meaning but they do and this is quite important to put forward what exactly we're talking about. Related to issue 47 "Differential privacy" and all the digital identity related ones.

Differential privacy

Your dose of new security topic for the week - this one is fascinating.

Well researched and timely articles

This summarizes what has been happening on the web the past few years.

In need of a website to understand a process that should be simple

Soon we'll have groups that meetup anonymously to talk about their Facebook addiction... Wait, does it already exist?

More on digital identity

If you've been following this newsletter for some time you would've noticed that I've been adding links related to digital identity, some philosophical and some technical. This one is about the crypto future.

Digital Identity

Big and important words in there and the concept is being brought to life as we speak.

It's leaking from everywhere

Fast close the sink.

Social Networks

This keeps popping up everywhere! Are you on social networks? Why? Let's discuss that. What's a social network?


Why complicate things? The software industry and programmers of today are looking for too much achievements, stacking the "green blocks" on GH, looking for confirmation of their existence, checking graphs and statistics about their "progress", wanting to raise on the "SSI", social selling index.
Let's slow down a bit! Small changes for a small group is more valuable than running against titans
If it is useful to someone and kind of serves the purpose then that is enough for a start.

So nixers, what is your opinion on the "State of the Web".

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