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(20-11-2018, 01:48 PM)aeymxq Wrote: how much do you think it actually matters to run completely GPL-compliant software? should i expect a significant loss of performance / usability of my computer?
Depends your interests in the matter. If you're a company it depends on the way you are hoping to monetize your software. Lots of companies now are focusing on releasing open source and selling add-ons that are paid or support. Other big corporations are also starting to enter the loop releasing libraries and frameworks as open source in the hope that it would be developers and entrepreneurs that take the lead to build the softwares that will attract people to their platforms.

As z3bra said, GPL is one among many licenses and the license itself has nothing to do with what the actual performance or usability is.

(20-11-2018, 01:48 PM)aeymxq Wrote: also, does it make any sense to try to set up a fully liberated linux system when i am prohibited from completely breaking free because of my computer's processor?

Depends on what you want to achieve. In my opinion going this extreme doesn't lead anywhere. If you're having uncertainty about your choices because they aren't 100%, full proof, fitted to beautiful ideals then you're in for a much bigger ride than that. Reality is much harder, try a balance of having the software you really want with a copyleft license and others without. My personal take on this is comparing it with anything else in life, do I want to have the full manufacturing details of how to build anything, probably only if I want to build or modify the thing myself.

Quote:Tried a real Unix?
Are there actually any Unix accredited platform that is fully open source?

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