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Hey everyone, my name is stilbruch. "stilbruch" means something like 'a sudden change in style' or something like that in German, but I just stole it from a C418 song so don't think that I am deep or artsy or something like that. I've been hanging out in the IRC for a while and lurking the forums, so I decided I might as well make an intro post.

I've been using UNIX systems for the last 3 or 4 years. I got my start with UNIX setting up Minecraft servers on dedicated servers running CentOS around my freshman or sophomore year of high school. I started the beginning of my junior year in high school with Arch Linux on my personal PC and laptop, and then switched around 4 months ago to Void.

Personally I am interested in things like minimal software, network security, and penetration testing. I spend a lot of time working on boot2root challenges from vulnhub, or messing around with systems that I probably should be looking for vulns. One of my fondest memories is finding a 0day DOS exploit in Minecraft version 1.8, that me and my friend used to kick people off creative servers.

I'm excited to take part in the nixers community to have fun, and learn and share with people who are much more experienced than I. I know that since I am just a freshman in college I am a youngster to many of you, but I still think that I will fit in well with the community.

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