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Grey Hair Nixers
Salutions amis nixers!

I finally decided to take my online experience to the next level and setup this very old new-internet stuff called "Internet Protocol version 6" !

Awesome right?

This is all new to me though, and it seems like a huge part of what I know about ipv4 will be totally useless, and I'm looking for advices and best practices for a good ipv6 setup.

My current server provider is handing a generous /48 range, which I can split in as many /56 as I have servers (4 actually).
Each server can then be delegated a prefix via DHCPv6, and I assign an IP in this delegated prefix to my server so it is then reachable over the new internet.

My question here is: what the hell should I do with all these IP addresses?!

Am I supposed to keep the /48, delegate it to one server and then use this server to assign IPv6 addresses to the other servers? This is unlikely because it creates a single PoF...

Should I just accept the fact I'm creating one sub-prefix per server, each prefix having only one address in it?

Is that how ipv6 works? You just waste millions of IP because nobody cares and we'll never run out of it?

How do you guys go with that new tech?

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