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Trying to dig-down and search out courses (ideally online, with kudos) in *BSD. Seems a few linux sites, bsdmag and others offer them but would like opinions and advice from those in the know.

Looking at:

Linux Academy

So far.

Linux academy had 0 *BSD stuff only text searches inside their content provided a reference to FreeBSD but I am under the understanding that they are sharing conferences or similar.

lpi - outdated materials and reference to an exam somewhere. has (expensive) courses - not certain how "viable" they would be once taken in the field of work.

Hoping those of you that have attended events have any ideas or those that have acquired said certification have feedback, or any others might help chime in?

Hope this discussion might help those of us with a love of *BSD get certification , credibility, etc as it seems other than writing in your C.V or Resume you have *BSD knowledge there's a lot of dead ends.

I also think it's nice to complete courses due to potentially learning aspects you may of overlooked.

Thanks for any help


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