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Quote:I think most of us have such webpage on our site, so maybe the main usage of this would be to have them all in one place.
Yeah that's pretty much all it would be. Those pages, for everyone, with comment sections.

Quote:my point is you could have a thread where you post an image now for centralized discussion of a screenshot (and then if we move to that as a culture, just have a forum section for it, rather than a single dtop thread)
This could be simple to do, that is true. An advantage pixelfed would have over this approach is that if someone decides "Oh I like neeasade's screenshots" then they can click on your profile and go to your pixelfed images and see them all together. I also think that subjectively posted a forum thread feels like a "bigger deal" than just an image on an image-sharing platform, but that could just be me.

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