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(01-11-2020, 09:49 PM)phillbush Wrote: Which notification system do you use and how do you set a keybinding to pause it?
Maybe that isn't the solution as I want to keep xnotify simple and don't make it listen to key presses.
Maybe using signals to pause/unpause notifications?

The code for it is here but it might not be super useful as it is a long-running notification service rather than just the window-drawing side. It is a plugin for Qtile, which deals with the key-listening internally, so it is easy to bind methods to keys to pause and unpause notifications. For xnotify you could check for a "backlog" file before drawing windows. If it doesn't exist, notifications aren't paused, draw the window; if it exists, append the notification data to the backlog and exit. Then add a pause argument to create that file, and an unpause argument to go through it and replay the notifications that were redirected there. That might be a simple implementation :)

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