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Which web browser gives the best compromise for a functional browser that doesn't consume all the memory and compute capacity on a modest laptop?

What do you run and how satisfied are you with the setup?

Increasingly, the modern web looks like a morass of cross-site ad-serving, tracking, user monitoring, and dark patterns. As more and more functionality is stuffed into web browsers and run behind the scenes, we're running lots of unecessary code and consuming resources in ways that are hard to control. As the complexity grows, the ecosystem has shrunk ... just take a look at the browser graveyard here: list of browsers. And then, different browser projects are much the same, since they are built on webkit or gecko.

I guess the "still kicking" list is slightly longer:

WebKit (Apple's engine)
-many reskins

Blink (webkit fork)
-many reskins

Gecko, et al. (Mozilla's engine)
-a number of reskins

Trident (Microsoft's IE engine)
-QQ and several other chinese projects

Presto (Norwegian project, proprietary)
-Opera 12.18

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