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(26-12-2020, 12:19 PM)Wildefyr Wrote: You know it is possible to modify things like loglevel, rd.systemd.show_status, rd.udev.log_priority etc on your kernel boot to show less verbose messages?

I know it's possible to tweak the output. Will it actually make sense, still? I don't think so.

Quote:I agree the defaults could be better in showing the user /what/ is wrong rather than /everything/

Good point. The code I have for now does not shows /what is wrong/, but only daemons which are not up, and removes the /what is wrong/ info in the process. If running it on main console, it might even prevent recovery by annoying user, I need to fix that somehow (still considered alpha, works in an X11-terminal-emulator, but not tested in-situ, even in a VM...)
But showing /everything/ at least shows boot's progress, which is something my code does, too, since one can consider system to be up when some daemons are up.

I was thinking few days ago that, well, everything in boot sequence is not a daemon, and my tool itself is a daemon, so would suffer from not booting (but I wrote the code to avoid failure possibilities the best I could, even avoiding dynamic allocations from tools I use, hopefully).
I'm also hiding /why/ a daemon can't go up, so I probably need to improve on those 2 points, somehow.
I'm reluctant to have something interactive, because that would introduce potential for failures (and I try to write a rock-solid tool which does not weaken the system, it's very important to me).

I work by considering that a daemon can be in 3 states: "down", "waking", and "up".
"down" services are triggered by a line pattern (configurable).
"waking" services are triggered by another line pattern (configurable).
"up" services are triggered by time (configurable), if service was previously "waking".

Do you think it would make sense to only show logs of daemons which are "waking"? Or those which are "down"?

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