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Chapter 10. C++

Quote:Like Unix, C++ was never designed, it mutated as one goofy mistake after another became obvious. It is just one big mess of afterthoughts.

The chapter rants about C++, much of the chapter is about the complexity of the language and the fact that much of C++ users actually use a subset of the language, which is more sane to do than using the language as a whole.

Quote:Every C++ programmer can create their own dialect, which can be a complete obscurity to every other C++ programmer

The chapter compares C++ with an Object-Oriented Assembly, because of its lack of elegance, abstraction and power.

The chapter inconsistently change the subject from C++ to C a lot of times:
Quote:C weenies will tell you that one of the best features of C is the preprocessor. Actually, it is probably the worst.

Chapter 11. System Administration: Unix's Hidden Cost

This chapter begins the last part of the book: The Sysadmin's Nightmare.

The chapter compares administrating a Unix system to babysitting it.

Quote:According to one estimate,every 10-25 Unix workstation shipped create at least one full-time system administration job, making system administration a career with a future;

The chapter rants about the difficulty of tuning and running a Unix system, the garbage it lets behind, and the number and inconsistency of system configuration files.

Chapter 12. Security: Oh I'm Sorry, Sir, Go Ahead, I Didn't Realize You Were Root

The chapter is about the the design flaws of Unix that prevent it from being secure.
  • The superuser with absolute powers.
  • The SUID (which I agree with, it's a hack).
  • Process forking.
  • Having "." in your $PATH
  • Startup traps in rc files such as vi's .exrc
  • Hidden files.
  • Disk overload.

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