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(12-03-2021, 11:13 PM)mattrose Wrote: You wouldn't do
$ pass git init
on the second laptop. Once you have the repo at https://my-private-password-repo.git, you can just do
$ git clone https://my-private-password-repo.git .password-store

in your home directory and will pull automatically create the repo and pull the contents down.

As long as the keys you encrypted the pass repo with on the original laptop is the same as the keys you're using to decrypt with on the other laptop, this should all work.

So if I already have pass set up on my other laptop though, should I just delete my existing ~/.password-store before cloning the git repo and starting fresh? And once I clone the repo, I will at least need to run $ pass init correct?
My only concern is, even after I copy over my gpg keys, how can I assign them to my newly cloned ~/.password-store ?

(12-03-2021, 11:13 PM)mattrose Wrote: If you want to use different keys on different laptops, that ... may be possible but I don't know how you would do that.

No, I'd prefer to use the same key for all 3 devices. I'm not concerned about losing the key or having it be exposed.

Cheers for your help.
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