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(23-04-2021, 04:27 AM)s0kx Wrote: The project is from the same creator as and I think he/she doesn't have much time for Interim at the moment...

Yes, I am aware. In fact this is how I stumbled across it. I've been eyeing off the MNT Reform2 for a while now.

I have since tooted @ MNT on mastodon asking if they'd provide an updated InterimOS image for the reform and, as you can see from their reply, it might be in the works :)

Personally, and as I've mentioned in another thread, I am keen to get get my hands on a Reform2 laptop to run SculptOS from Genode. This is also still a WIP but it is being worked on at Genode and there has been some more recent work on this as well scroll down to "First practical steps".

Anyway, I love both of these projects, and while Sculpt OS is a pretty big leap from what I understand an operating system to be, it really interest me. InterimOS interest me for other reasons, I suppose it's likeness to Plan9 is drawing me in. Cant wait to try out both of these obscure operating systems :)

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