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While I acknowledge the following threads exist: I still think there is a need for a dedicated thread for dmenu scripts. dmenu is so widely used and is so versatile, resulting in an endless list of scripting possibilities, it would be nice to have them all in one place here on

Cyr4x3 had a few cool looking scripts in their recent workflow video which sparked my interest.

Feel free to drop in some helpful scripts to extend dmenu's capabilities in this thread.
The one I'm interested in at the moment is a screenshot script that also allows for editing and uploading of screenshots. I am however looking for some help to replace fb with xero's pb or just simply use curl to upload to 0x0. The thing I like most about this script is that, in addition to using xclip to copy the url to the clipboard, the upload option also sends the url through notify-send which (in gnome at least) is a clickable link.

I hope some of you have more scripts to share.

One of my most used is passmenu which is now baked into pass itself.

You've also got old mate dt over here with his bunch of scripts.
debxp and I-LeCorbeau also have a few.

I don't have anything of my own to offer up, this is purely a selfish script trawling mission.

Also feel free to mention/promote any dmenu alternatives or replacements (Philbush I'm looking at you - xmenu looks awesome), just keep any scripts in this thread dmenu specific to avoid confusion.
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