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These days my title is either Linux Engineer or Linux Consultant, both are basically sysadmin with extra steps.

Since my first Linux job in 2013 I have worked for both large and small companies in various sectors from financial to security.

My current role includes writing Ansible playbooks, monitoring Linux systems both on-prem and in the cloud, patching, and various other "sysadmin" type tasks. Small to medium projects crop up occassionally, like building Hashicorp Vault clusters, or Rancher (Kubernetes) environments for the dev teams. Every now and then a large project will require some Linux knowledge so I will be brought in as a subject matter expert. Previous roles have been similar, with some leaning more towards the DevOps side of things.

While I don't care much for my current companies product (reinsurance) I do quite enjoy this job. The EMEA Linux team consists of myself and my manager, who is very busy with meetings and managing two other teams. This gives me a lot of freedom to play around with how to improve things. Since I started almost two years ago I have brought in the use of Ansible and have been slowly fixing all the "snowflake" servers so things are easier to manage.

Before 2013 I was a Electronic Engineer in the Royal Air Force for almost 10 years. This was mostly ground-to-air radar and communications systems used by Air Traffic Control, with some computer engineer work before it was contracted out to private companies.

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