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In this case I felt like I needed to learn an API before I could understand their marketing pitch. An API that their target audience presumably already knows. I haven't attended any of the right conferences or trade shows, so I haven't been programmed with the API which would enable me to decode their message.

But I do like the minimalist aesthetic of the site and I'm sympathetic to many of the things they cite as inspirations. So maybe I would like this project too?

Poking around with various websearches I gather that CI/CD has something to do with working as a team of developers. Hence "DevOps". But despite that breadcrumb I still can't penetrate the jargon and understand what exactly it is they're selling. A source-code control system with shared repositories like Git? But from some of the example scripts it looks like they use git as a provider ... And what's going on with those "pipelines"?

Devteams are infamous for always inventing "better" mousetraps when it comes to their own processes. This looks like one of those.

Too bad. I would have enjoyed an article about the failure of Microsoft Bob's user interface.

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