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Introduction: Test-Run.

0. Introduction.

My name is Test-Run.
I love Unix based operating systems and mega threads.
It's so much more organized, cleaner.

In case that you want to read My Official Good Bye Thread to HF,
you can read this here:
To be honest it's a small version.

1. Unix Based Operating Systems.

I love Unix based operating systems,
I started as a boy with Ubuntu (bloated), when I was 12 or 13 years old.
I didn't do much with it because I didn't had a nice feeling with it.
After a few months I switched to OpenSUSE.
Again I didn't not much with it except customizing KDE and GNOME a bit.

Then I started talking with Beastie and so I came to an awesome IRC.
Lembas, if I remember correctly, gave me the advice to install Gentoo.
I installed it, liked it, but it was more of a learning lesson.
Then I wanted to move to CRUX, which I didn't do.
I started using NetBSD instead.
After loving it (except PKG_SRC, since it's most of the time outdated).
After that I knew that I would love BSD for the rest of my live
I decided to move on, I started using FreeBSD.

Soon I'll post a mega thread about Unix based operating systems (32 posts).

2. Contributions.

None yet.

We make mistakes, because we are humans,
that is something we can't be proud of.
But we are more then just humans, we are geeks
and that is something to be proud of.


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