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Long time nixers
Post here your current servers and future server plans :P

Here's main:

Currently I'm running rasbperry pi (with arm arch) as irc bouncer and ssh box so I cant get hands on *nix from wind0ze.

I have been thinking about getting new battery, docking station and ssd to my laptop (Lenovo T61 ;D) and make server out of my current desktop. I wouldn't even lose much of power. Laptop has dual core 2.0GHz processor with about 3G of RAM while desktop has 2.2GHz dual core with 4G of RAM. Or then I just get ssd for my desktop and leave rasbperry to run that bouncer, though I would like to have FTP and HTTP server at home. Dunno if I even need it but would be fun as unix geek ;)

I'll see what my dad thinks about my idea and if he is willing to bay that.

Now, post yours :)
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