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My wife has no interest in it but I installed Pop!_OS on my other laptop (lenovo YOGA) which she uses mainly, so she has no choice but to use it. I've taught her some basic keybindings and installed Brave browser for her. Every now and then when something isn't working she shouts at me and calls it stupid. Most of the time any issues she encounters are due to the VPN anyway. At least she knows what that is.

As for my Old Brick ThinkPad X230 running NetBSD.. She doesn't think much of it besides "Why bother". She thinks it's stupid that I put so much effort into building an OS that has seemingly half the capabilities of my YOGA.

As for extended family, they wouldn't have a clue. I've also only got one other mate who uses *nix and he actually works as a sysadmin for a bank. But even for him who uses Manjaro, tui/cli stuff isn't his thing. Sometimes he is amazed at how much I know for a hobbyist.
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