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Fun question!

Wife: A general state of mildly annoyance. She's tired of me talking about any philosophical or practical reasons why her Win 10 machine is a constant thorn in my side. There's also some disappointment that I can't play some of her Windows games with her. However, she knows I'm stubborn in my ways and likes that I can fix anything wrong with tech real quick.

Family: No one in my family is tech savvy at all, so they don't care and I don't bring it up. My brother is a big Windows gamer and has expressed interest in using Linux for gaming but he also runs a business and uses Office for everything so that's a non-starter.

Work: I work in a 100% MS shop... the pay, benefits, and awesome boss are so good I can't leave. I'm known as the "Linux nerd" in the sysadmin group and when there's questions about anything that isn't in Microsoft's documentation I'm usually the first person that gets asked. Has a lot to do with building skills around reading documentation and figuring things out. The guy next to me makes a lot of RMS jokes.

I also have 2 close friends that work with tech. Friend 1 is a youtuber that focuses on DJ and pro audio hardware and is also a DJ / audio guy. He is always very interested in what I'm doing and when I visit he always wants to see my OpenBSD laptop and whatever I'm tinkering with, but has no interest in doing it himself. Friend 2 is an embedded engineer who uses Linux at work but Windows at home. He's very interested in OpenBSD and I even got him to use it for a home server, so progress is being made :)

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