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[*] At home:
-my brother is a computer wiz just like me but he doesn't want to move to *nix, he just respect it.
-my sister love my *nix system but she doesn't know a thing about it.
However, she's always swearing that Windows sucks and that she can't use another OS because she has project with the Windows Office programs.

[*] With my Friends:
-They know that *nix is more secure
-They think I'm l33t because I'm on a weird machine they can't use (some can a little)
-They like to learn so they are not completely in the dark
-They always ask me to code some little programs/automations for them (then bother me with stupid bugs they find)

[*] At university:
-They are surprise that *nix still exist nowadays (without knowing that OSX is a unix-like OS)
-They respect *nix because I'm doing all my stuff on it and a lot better then they can do
-Some ask me why I'm using an Operating System like 'that' (pointing at the user interface)... I stay speachless because they don't even know what's the difference between a DE/WM & OS
(I always laugh when I hear the Windows XP & Windows 7 startup sound)

Add to this, I can rarely meet the 2-3 friends I know that uses *nix; and they also don't know a lot of stuff about it.

Overall, I'm not going to spread the world about pink words about *nix; I don't care what people think!
However, if they are interested and ask me about it I'll be glad to introduce them to it.

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